Are Pests Overrunning Your Yard?

Are Pests Overrunning Your Yard?

Clear them out with lawn treatment services in Shallotte, NC

Do you find it tough to enjoy your beautiful yard because it's swarming with bugs? Start fighting back by hiring Low Tide Landscaping for bimonthly lawn treatment. We'll apply a treatment that will eliminate bugs and discourage them from returning. We'll return in the spring, summer and fall to make sure your yard is safe and healthy.

Trust a landscaper who's licensed for lawn care and pesticide use. Arrange for lawn treatment services in Shallotte, NC today.

Insects aren't the only pest that might infest your lawn. Preventing weeds from taking over your landscape and killing your grass is a constant struggle. Our landscaper can add a weed treatment to our routine lawn fertilization service. We use chemicals that are toxic to weeds, but safe for grass. You'll get a lawn that looks uniform and professional.

Learn more about our weed treatment service when you call 910-713-3055 today.