Low Tide Landscaping


Lawn Care

Achieve a lush, vibrant, and visually appealing landscape with our premium lawn care services. From regular mowing and edging to weed control and fertilization, we provide a holistic approach to lawn care, ensuring a green, healthy lawn season after season.

Lawn Treatment

Guard your lawn against common pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies with our specialized treatment services. Utilizing licensed pesticide applications and eco-friendly products, we guarantee a resilient lawn that remains free from unwanted invaders.

Lawn Maintenance

Preserving the beauty and health of your lawn requires regular upkeep. Our comprehensive maintenance services, from spring clean-ups to winter preparations, ensure your lawn remains in peak condition throughout the year. Enjoy a well-kept lawn without the constant worry of upkeep.

Landscape Management

Transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes is our forte. Our landscape management services focus on enhancing the beauty, functionality, and sustainability of your property. Whether it’s soil analysis, professional pruning, or landscape lighting, we have you covered.

Why Choose Our Services?

Experienced Professionals

Our team, led by Adam Perry, is equipped with the latest techniques and best practices in landscaping​.

Customized Plans

Recognizing the uniqueness of every landscape, we tailor our services to meet specific needs and challenges.

Sustainable Practices

We prioritize eco-friendly solutions that are safe for both the environment and the community​.

Begin Your Landscaping Journey

Whether you’re looking to transform a residential garden or manage a commercial estate, Low Tide Landscaping is here to assist. Get in touch for a free estimate or to discuss your landscaping needs.